Question: If one doesn't have a spiritual Master, will one be able to achieve God-realisation?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes. But if one does not have a spiritual teacher, then his path becomes extremely difficult. Then, you know, he will be in a difficult position. Sometimes he may get high experiences. Then, doubt will eclipse his mind and he will say, "How can I have this kind of experience? It is something so high; yet, I am an ordinary person. I cannot have this kind of experience. Perhaps I am just deluding myself." But if there is someone who knows what the Reality is, then he will say, "Don't act like a fool. The experiences which you have had are absolutely true." He encourages the seeker and inspires him. If he sees the seeker is doing something wrong, he shows him the right path. I do not say that if one doesn't have a spiritual teacher, then one will not achieve realisation, far from it. A spiritual teacher is he who is an aid, a considerable help to the seeker. You know, in this world when there is someone to push or pull us — pull us from above or push us from below — then we go faster. The teacher is a source of inspiration to the seeker. He will offer inspiration. You know, when you are inspired, you write, you compose wonderful music, you write wonderful stories. But when you are not inspired, you cannot. You cannot achieve something remarkable without inspiration. In that way also, a spiritual Master is of help to us.