Question: How can man, a limited human being in the finite, realise Infinity in his life?

Sri Chinmoy: When we say "man," we have to know what we are referring to. Is it a man who is five feet, eight inches tall, or six feet, two inches tall? If his human height, earthly height, is the "man," then I wish to say that that is not "man," "man" the consciousness, "man" the everlasting consciousness. We all have consciousness within us. We have two types of consciousness: finite and Infinite. Now, we are expressing our finite consciousness in our day-to-day activities. But, deep within us, we have also an Infinite consciousness. So, when we ask how a man can achieve infinity in his life, we must know that it is not in his physical body, or in his arms, or in his feet, or inside his eyes that he will achieve infinity. It is in his inner consciousness. Even after a spiritual Master has realised the Highest, he eats, he sleeps, he mixes with his friends. Everything is normal. If a spiritual Master has achieved realisation, it doesn't mean that as a man he will have two big horns, or a long tail, or something else. No. He is normal. Spirituality is normal. Spirituality is absolutely normal. But unfortunately, we have made it seem abnormal because we feel that spiritual people are all in the moonlight; they are not facing the earth or the earth's problems; they do not face reality. This is a deplorable mistake. Real spirituality is the acceptance of life. We have to accept life as such, as it is now. Then we have to try to change the face of the world with our aspiration and with our realisation.

To come back to your question, man, in his outer life or his outer achievements, is very limited. But the same man, when he enters into the inmost recesses of his heart, feels that there is something constantly trying to expand itself. This is consciousness. This consciousness links him with the Highest Absolute. He has the potentiality and capacity deep within him to be one with the Absolute. So, when one realises the Highest through a spiritual Master, it is in his consciousness that he has received the infinite light, infinite peace and infinite bliss which the Master offers to his disciples, his spiritual children, when they meditate on him. The Master is standing or sitting right in front of his disciples, and they feel from him, in him, peace, light and bliss in boundless measure. Where do they get these qualities from? From his consciousness. Not from his arms or from his nose or from his limbs. They come directly from the very depth of his consciousness. Consciousness always welcomes us. It is in the consciousness that we invoke, receive and offer boundless peace, light and bliss.