Question: Do you mean that the vital body is a less dense form of matter than the physical body and it interpenetrates or gets within the physical body?

Sri Chinmoy: The vital body is undoubtedly less dense than the physical body. The mental body is still lighter. The deeper you go within, the more subtle these bodies become: subtle, subtler, subtlest. But on the physical plane, we have this gross body. We have three main bodies and each body has a different substance. There is the Sthula Sharira, the gross physical body, inside it is the Sukshma Sharira, the subtle body. Then inside the subtle body is another body called the Karana Sharira, the causal body. The causal body contains everything in the being in seed form. Everything that is going to be manifested outwardly is contained in the Karana Sharira. When we go from the causal body to the subtle body, a manifestation actually takes place on the subtle planes of the physical. This manifestation is very ethereal in substance and cannot usually be seen with the outer eyes. However, people who have inner vision often see things happening on the subtle planes, where the manifestation begins. Then from the subtle body, the manifestation enters into the dense, material plane. Here the experiences, the realities, the realisations take their external and outer form. So this is how the manifestation of everything takes place: from the causal to the subtle to the gross physical plane.