Question: Which of these bodies is involved in extra-sensory perception and other psychic experiences?

Sri Chinmoy: All of them. All three bodies participate in the experiences. And once one gets the Real Experience, by which I mean realisation, one sees the experience in all the three bodies, the physical, the subtle and the causal all at once and also in the three worlds to which these three bodies belong: the physical, world, the subtle physical world and the causal world. When it is a matter of realisation, one will see, feel and become that realisation in all three planes of consciousness.

But this is not the case with minor experiences. Some ordinary unimportant experiences only the physical body will receive. And for people who do not have a strong hold on the material world, but who have an opening to the subtle world, they may receive certain experiences only in the subtle body. If it is not at all important, the experience may be received only in one body… just ordinary, minor happenings. But if something serious is experienced, then it must be recorded in all three bodies.