Question: How can we find our Inner Pilot and listen to it?

Sri Chinmoy: In order to find the Inner Pilot, you have to go deep within. Meditation is bound to carry you to the Inner Pilot. Meditation is a process that shows you how to go deep within. Meditation is a road that leads you to the ultimate destination. Meditation also is an inner assurance of your connection with the Absolute. When a seeker meditates, he hears the messages from above, from his Beloved Father, or he hears messages from his own inner being. And when he tries to listen to the dictates of his inner being or the messages from above, he transforms his outer life of imperfection into a life of perfect perfection.

In school you have a teacher who is teaching you and offering his wisdom-light to you through language. In the spiritual life also, the teacher teaches through language. But the language of the spiritual teacher is meditation. Meditation is the inner language, and the teacher teaches meditation through silence. It would not be easy for your professor to teach through silence, and for the student also it would not be easy to learn through silence. But a spiritual teacher will meditate for five minutes in silence and during his meditation he will offer peace, light and bliss. He can instruct you to meditate either by giving you specific instructions or through his silent gaze. But most of the time the spiritual teacher teaches through silence, because that way is most effective.

In school you are studying philosophy and you are using the searching mind. But in meditation, the mind is not used at all. That does not mean we have become an imbecile; far from it. Only you go far beyond the domain of the mind and in the realm of the soul you grow.