Question: A couple of times a year you give marks for your disciples' meditation. Why do you do this?

Sri Chinmoy: Last Sunday I called out the names of those who meditated well and disclosed your marks. Marks were given not out of sense of competition, but only to give you more joy and inspiration, so that everyone will try to meditate well. So it was far from any kind of competition spiritually. If you want to say your left hand did a better job or your right hand did a better job, then I have to say one did do better. But again, right hand and left hand are one. I feel that everybody meditated well today and I am very happy and very proud. But again I wish to say that there should be no comparison, no competition. We have to feel oneness if we have not meditated well and if the one sitting beside us has done well. We are all one family and, on the strength of our oneness, we have to feel this. Even if we have not meditated well, then we should be proud, because we are one with those who did do well. If we have tried our best but at the same time someone else has done better, we should be happy. Our senses will tell us that he is a different person, but the soul will say that we are one.