Question: What is the significance of seeing glowing white light or a point of white light in meditation?

Sri Chinmoy: You are seeing a white glow. White signifies purity, the consciousness of the Divine Mother. If it is a glowing white light, then it is coming from the opening of a certain spiritual centre inside you. Purity is operating in and through you, therefore a spiritual opening is taking place. But it can also be a false experience, because in some cases when one’s vision is getting worse, one sees white light. Again, some people see white or blue or green light when their eyesight is getting worse. Sometimes when human eyes are getting worse, if you keep the eyes closed, you may see a vision or light, but it is actually a false experience. Many people have had that experience, so you have to know if your experience is real. Please see which is applicable to you. If it is a real experience, then it is most encouraging.