Question: Sometimes when I have been meditating, my head starts to breathe on its own.

Sri Chinmoy: There is nothing wrong with this. It is quite possible that it is doing this. When this happens, the head has become a conscious part of the universal Existence and the head responds to the universal Existence.

There is an occult way of developing oneness with the universal Consciousness. That is what you considered as breathing. An occultist will touch his right knee, for example, and he will make himself feel that the knee is his only reality that is part and parcel of the universal Consciousness. He has no name, no existence other than his knee. Then the occultist will feel that his knee is breathing and it alone has life, nothing else. Or the seeker can touch one finger saying only this finger exists. His whole existence is the finger — he doesn’t have hair, he doesn’t have legs, he doesn’t have shoulders. This finger alone is responding to the universal breathing. So when you feel that your head is breathing, that means that your head has become consciously part of the universal Consciousness. It is a very good experience.