Part I

No more the desire-life1

No more the desire-life, no more. The lure of yesterday’s desire-life has sunk into meaningless insignificance today. Aspiration, the real reality of the seeker in me, begins to triumph today. Aspiration, my heart’s inner cry, is hastening the arrival of my Beloved Supreme. From now on, I shall always remain devoted to my life within. From now on, my body shall sing and sing, my vital shall smile and smile, my mind shall fly and fly, my heart shall dive and dive, my soul shall spread and spread. No difficulty, no sorrow, no worry, no anxiety will be able to assail me. I shall not fall. I shall not stumble. Onward I shall march. Mine will be the life of the eternal journey, the journey that has neither beginning nor end. This is the ever-transcending journey, the journey that beckons humanity’s cry and Divinity’s Smile.

The teeming troubles and tribulations of the past are no more. I am in front of an unhorizoned reality. Now, at every moment, unceasing opportunities are looming large. I shall avail myself of all these opportunities. From now on, my life of surrender to God’s Will will be my infallible guide. My life of devotion to my Beloved Supreme will be the supreme feast to satisfy my hunger of millennia.

My selfless love of God shall transform the dwarf-seeker in me into a spiritual giant. I shall become a devoted, faithful, soulful, unreserved and unconditional instrument of my Beloved Supreme. To manifest Him in His own Way my soul-bird flew down into the earth-arena. Now I have become one with my soul’s promise. My soul’s promise and my life of love, devotion and surrender will fulfil our Beloved Supreme throughout the length and breadth of the world.

EJ 1. Cape Cod Community College, Hyannis, Massachusetts, 18 June 1977.