Transcendence and perfection2

Transcendence-Perfection. Perfection is transcendence. Transcendence is perfection. How do we transcend and perfect ourselves? There are a few ways: we learn and unlearn, we accept and reject, we command and surrender.

We learn and unlearn. We learn devotedly anything that our aspiring heart teaches us. We unlearn consciously everything that our doubting mind has taught us over the years.

We accept and reject. We accept soulfully, devotedly and gratefully the things that we have received from our Inner Pilot, our Beloved Supreme. We ruthlessly reject the things that ignorance-sea has already given us and the things that ignorance-sea wants to give us.

We command and surrender. We command our ignorance-life to abide by our soulful will; for we feel that since we have practised spirituality over the years, we have at least a partial access to our inner guide, our soul. We command ignorance to leave us alone because we are of the soul and for the soul, which is all wisdom. We surrender to the Highest in us, and this Highest we gradually realise as we go on unveiling our hidden realities. We surrender what we have and what we are to the Supreme Pilot. What we have is our eagerness to become His perfect instruments, Him to fulfil in His own Way. What we are at this moment is nothing short of a veritable beggar, a helpless child in the dense forest. Our utter helplessness we surrender to our Beloved Pilot, and also our most sincere eagerness to become totally His — to be guided, moulded, shaped, transformed, illumined, perfected and immortalised by Him.

We learn and unlearn, we accept and reject, we command and surrender. If we can do all these things, then we can easily transcend ourselves, and our self-transcendence is another name for our faultless perfection.

EJ 2. In a 24-hour period on 1 November 1975 Sri Chinmoy wrote 843 spiritual poems, which were published under the title Transcendence-Perfection. These were his words on the third anniversary of that achievement.