Question: What causes clothing to be uncomfortable? Sometimes I can't stand the feel of clothing against my skin.

Sri Chinmoy: Your clothing may have accepted wrong vibrations from the house or from the atmosphere. Even while you are driving inside your car, it may happen that somebody else throws his wrong vibrations at you. Clothing has a magnetic way of receiving vibrations. You are quite comfortable, but something or someone undivine passes by and his vibration enters into your coat or sari. When wrong vibrations enter into your clothing from anybody undivine, those forces will try to attack you.

Again, if you are in a wrong consciousness, your clothing may be an outer manifestation of the wrong forces inside you. It may happen that others are attacking you, or wrong forces inside you are trying to attack you. The last obstacle for these forces is your clothes. Then you find your clothes uncomfortable. If someone else is attacking you with wrong forces, then clothing is protection for you. The clothing becomes an obstruction to the forces trying to enter into you from the outside. For them it is an obstruction, and for you it is protection. Your clothes take the first attack. So when the first attack comes, please try to be conscious. Let all your inner purity come forward and permeate the length and breadth of your clothes. Then this problem will be solved.