Question: Guru, is it possible to be in your consciousness but not be conscious or aware that we are in your consciousness? If so, is it better to be consciously in your consciousness?

Sri Chinmoy: Something is better than nothing. But if you are consciously staying in my consciousness, it is infinitely better, more meaningful and more fruitful than if you are unconsciously staying inside my consciousness. If you remain unconsciously inside my heart and in my boat while I am taking you to the Golden Shore, a problem may arise. When you reach the Shore, you will first deny the Shore. How many storms the boat has weathered while coming to the destination, how much obstruction there has been, you will not know because you have not kept your eyes wide open. If you had been conscious of the difficulty, you would know how to value the destination properly.

Another thing is that if you have watched the pilot, then you will have learnt many, many things. In a thousand years or ten thousand years, each disciple will eventually have to do the same thing, according to his or her capacity. If you are not an ocean liner, you will have to become a small boat to carry others to the Golden Shore. If you are not conscious while I am carrying you, then you will not know how I cope with the water, with the storms and inclement weather.

It is always better to be consciously aware. If you are in the boat, that boat will eventually take you to the Shore. But you will not know how to come back to take others. Always, at every moment, be consciously aware of my presence inside your heart or your presence inside my heart. Then you will make the fastest progress, and this progress will constantly help you, me, the Supreme and the entire universe. If you can become conscious of my presence inside your heart and your presence inside my heart, then you will be pleasing the Supreme in His own Way, which is absolutely the best way.