Question: I become afraid when I have to meditate or perform in front of other people.

Sri Chinmoy: Suppose you are in front of a group of two hundred people. Do not take them as two hundred people; take them as one individual. Feel that you are looking at one face. No matter how many people are there, take them as one person. When only one person is in front of you, you will not become frightened. But if you see two hundred different faces, then you are frightened to death. So always take them as one individual.

Then try to feel that you are just looking into a mirror and seeing yourself. Feel that this one person whom you are seeing is part and parcel of your own existence. You will never be afraid of yourself. When people have to perform, they practise at home in front of a mirror. So you can feel that that one person is your own prototype, your own existence. Then there will be no problem.