Question: Why do I sometimes become afraid after I've had a good meditation?

Sri Chinmoy: When you do good meditation, sometimes you feel extremely happy and delighted, and sometimes tremendous fear enters into you. When you are meditation on the heart, if the meditation has also included the mind, the vital and the physical, then you will feel extreme happiness inside your entire being. But what happens sometimes is that you meditate well only in the heart. It is a very good meditation, but from the heart the light of satisfaction has not entered into the mind, into the vital or into the physical proper. During the meditation you are inside your heart; you are quite satisfied with what you are doing and you are deeply absorbed. But then right after the meditation, there is no link between your heart and your mind or between your heart and your vital and physical. There is no access here. The heart's joy or peace cannot flow through the mind or the vital or the physical. So what happens? Your consciousness drops, your consciousness falls. When you enter into the vital or the physical, it is all dark and unillumined. If you look there and find no light, naturally you are scared to death. When you were in the heart you were safe, but now it is all darkness.

Right after meditation you have to feel that the light from the heart is like a river that is flowing to all the parts of the being. The consciousness-water, the consciousness-river, has found a way to flow most satisfactorily into the other parts of the being. So there will be no fear at all. At that time you will feel a connecting link between the heart and the other parts of the being.

So when you meditate, meditate on the heart. And then try to have the peace, light and bliss of the heart percolate through the entire being. In the heart you have got peace, and like a flower it has to blossom petal by petal, here, there, everywhere. Then you have a flower of peace whose petals have blossomed in all parts of the being.