Kanu's cries

My tiny puppy Kanu will cry for hours. Then finally I will take him upstairs, where the first thing I will do is give him vitamins from a tube. Kanu sits on my lap and eats the vitamins. Afterwards, he jumps up and down.

Then I have to go downstairs and bring water for him. In a few minutes, I go down again and cut up cheese from the refrigerator for him.

When I go downstairs, I close the door to my room so he cannot come out. Kanu stays by the door until I come back. Then, after eating and drinking, he falls down flat on the floor.

Always he looks at me to see if I am going away. If I move a little, immediately he looks up at me as though I were a naughty boy!

You cannot imagine my fondness for him and his fondness for me. The owner would not sell him because he said he would not last more than two or three weeks. I said, "I am prepared to take the chance." So I gave the owner the money and came away with Kanu.

At night I take him upstairs and feed him. Then, during the day, Ranjana and others take care of him.

21 January 1982