Meditating with Kanu

Early in the morning, very powerfully I meditate. At that time Kanu is sleeping near me. He is also having a good 'meditation'. But if I get tired of sitting with my legs crossed and make just a little movement, immediately Kanu jumps up. He is so tired that he can hardly open his eyes, but he will not allow me to go anywhere!

Two or three times I kept him with me on the bed while I was meditating, but he fell off. I heard the sound, and I felt absolutely miserable.

Then I decided to keep my feet on the floor when I meditated. Kanu sleeps on the floor next to them. But whenever I lift my feet onto the bed, he jumps up and starts crying because he is not seeing my legs any more. Then, when I put my feet down and he sees my legs again, he goes back to sleep.

If Koka the bird makes noise, Kanu will not pay any attention. But if I write something on a piece of paper with a ballpoint, immediately he opens his eyes because he is afraid I am leaving. And if I move or make any noise, right away he starts jumping and crying.

21 January 1982