Sona's passing

The day Sona left, around three-thirty in the morning, I stood behind him and touched him and blessed him. I said, “Now, Sona, you can go.”

His soul said to me, “No, I do not want to go, I do not want to go.”

I said, “You are suffering, suffering, suffering. I have kept you on earth. You have been so kind and compassionate to me.”

He said, “Then, all right. I will go with your blessings.”

I told him, “My blessings, love, gratitude and gratitude, and pride and pride will stay with you.”

Then, after leaving the body, again he was sad. He wanted to be on earth. I said, “Now you have left the body. If I wanted you on earth, I would not have allowed you to die. I wanted you to go, and you have left. With my blessings, joy and pride you have left.”

13 November 1996