Sona and Kanu together again

For two hours after he left the body, Sona felt sad. In the meantime, Kanu came to meet him in the soul’s world. Kanu was so thrilled and so happy; he was literally jumping with joy. Then my mother’s soul came. I said to her, “You have taken Kanu to be with you.” My mother said, “I will take Sona also.”

Kanu wanted to play with Sona, but Sona was still sad. On earth, Kanu was so small and Sona was much larger by comparison, although both the dogs were quite small. Now, in the soul’s world, Kanu is so big and Sona is so small. Kanu is full of compassion, and Sona is the little child. Here Sona was the big brother; now Kanu is the big brother.

Kanu is so happy to have Sona with him again.

13 November 1996