Part I: Children and prayer

Children and prayer

I am very pleased with all of you here because your mothers and fathers are praying. I am their teacher. I am pleased with you now because your mothers come to me and your fathers come to me. When your parents come to me so that I can help them to see God, I am very pleased with them. At that time I also become pleased with those who are their children. You are the children of parents who are pleasing me, so I am pleased with you. When you grow up and start praying to God, naturally I will be even more pleased.

There are some children sitting right behind you who are a little older than you. You are between seven and ten years old, but they are eleven, twelve, thirteen and fourteen and they are coming here to meditate with their parents. Their parents are very good because they are praying and meditating and the children are also very good because they are doing the same. When you grow up, we will allow you to come here regularly to pray to God. Now we are pleased with you, but we will be even more pleased at that time.

In the meantime what can you do? If you pray for five minutes in the morning and in the evening, then God will be pleased. Your mother or father will teach you how to pray to God. When you pray, you will see that God is bound to come to you, just as he came to the little boy in a story I know. In that story, God came in the form of Krishna and helped the little boy.1

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