Question: Why is it that some people see Light and others don't?

Sri Chinmoy: Some people see Light and others don't because some people need Light while others don't need it. If you need something, then you see it, get it and grow into it. If you don't need it, you will not care to see it. When you were a baby, you cried for toys and your parents did give you toys because you needed them. Now you are a little bit grown up. You do not care for toys as much as you did before. Therefore, your parents do not bring you the same number of toys as they did before. A few years later you will not care for toys at all. Therefore your parents will not bring you any toys. So you see, when you needed something, you got it; and when you do not need it, you don't get it. But I wish you to feel the need of Light all your life so that God will always be most pleased with you and most proud of you.