Question: Do you believe that Jesus was the son of God? Do you believe that Jesus was a transcendental Being?

Sri Chinmoy: I consider Jesus the son of God and also a transcendental Being. Jesus is called the son of man, but he brought down to earth with him the divine Consciousness. The son of God means the conscious possessor of the infinite divine Consciousness. Jesus consciously embodied the Almighty Father, the Supreme, the Absolute. At times in his life he called himself the son of God. "Our Father who is in Heaven," he used to say. But also, there came a time when he said, "I and my Father are one."

Jesus had to present himself to the world at large as the son of man so that people would have faith in their own possibility. Otherwise people would have thought, "Oh, he is divine; that is why he can do everything." But when they could say, "If he can reach the Highest, we also can," they were encouraged and inspired to go deep within and aspire. Again, Jesus had to show that Heaven and earth are not at two different places. He showed that Heaven is inside our hearts, inside our consciousness, and that we can all be conscious children of God. And at times he had to offer his divine authority to the world, for only in this way could he establish his consciousness on earth. At these times it was necessary for him to reveal himself to the world as a transcendental Being, and he did so.

At one moment Jesus was the son of man, bound by the limitations of the physical nature. At other moments he was the conscious son of God leading the world to its destined Goal. And at still other moments he said, “Where is the Goal if not within me?” When Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Light," he meant that within him, within his divine consciousness, was the Goal itself. So he had to play three roles simultaneously during his stay on earth.