Question: If truth is in us and boundless consciousness is in us, then why do we always look for them outside ourselves?

Sri Chinmoy: Our heart, our spiritual heart, is as large as the Universal Consciousness Itself. Truth is always inside our heart; it is not something outside of us. But when we think of ourselves, we think of the body with height and weight and certain features; we do not think of ourselves as something vast or infinite. But when we begin our spiritual search for truth and boundless consciousness, it is always an inner search. We do not look outside of ourselves for these things. When we realise the Highest, when we are in the inner world, in the world of divine Reality, at that time this physical body is not our only reality. Our true Reality we see as something vast and infinite. Right now we do not identify ourselves with that inner Reality, so we often feel that truth and boundless consciousness are something outside us. Once we begin to think of ourselves as infinite, eternal and immortal, then we will know where to look for these and all other divine qualities.