Part VII — Questions and answers: Wheeling College

Question: I understand that you are speaking in fifty states. What is the purpose of this tour?

Sri Chinmoy: I have come here to serve. I feel that my service is like sowing a seed, a spiritual seed. If I see that somebody is aspiring, I know that God has given me the capacity to increase the flame of aspiration within him. My service is for those who are ready to accept, not necessarily my path, but some kind of inner life. I try to bring to the fore their own inner life. I try to encourage and inspire those who are a little bit awakened so that, instead of walking, they will march or run towards their Goal. It is to offer further inspiration to sincere seekers that I go from one place to another.

Being a lover of God, I see each state as a different home. All houses belong to God, and I am a son of God. So I go from one home to another to visit all my brothers and sisters. I feel it is my bounden duty to be of service to my brothers and sisters according to my capacity, the capacity that the Supreme has given me.