Question: Could you tell us a bit more about what being a disciple involves?

Sri Chinmoy: Whoever becomes my disciple naturally feels something in me, and if I accept him as a disciple, naturally I see something in him. A disciple and a Master make individual promises to each other. The disciple promises that he will follow the Master's path devotedly and soulfully. And the Master makes a solemn promise that he shall lead and guide the disciple to the destined Goal. The disciple makes his promise only to the Master, because for him right now the goal is the Master. He cannot conceive of the ultimate Goal, so he goes to an individual who has some Peace, Light and Bliss. Gradually, as he approaches his Master's consciousness, his only Goal becomes the Supreme. But the Master, right from the beginning, makes his promise to the soul of the disciple and also to the Supreme. He promises that he will take this seeker to God. The acceptance of a disciple and the acceptance of a Master are like mutual offerings. The disciple has tremendous aspiration; that is why he has come to the Master. So he gives what he has, his aspiration, to the Master. And the Master, just because he is a Master, has inner illumination. The Master selflessly offers his illumination to the disciple.