Question: Does the Master remain in contact with the disciple through prayer and meditation?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes. Prayer and meditation are the real communication. The disciple prays, not to the Master, but to the Supreme, the Highest, the Absolute within the Master; and he also meditates in this way. But the Master observes the disciple and sees whether his prayer is sincere and his meditation is soulful. If it is, then the Master carries the disciple's prayer or meditation directly to the Supreme, and brings back Peace, Light and Bliss from the Supreme to the disciple.

The Master is like a beggar. He comes to the disciple with folded hands and says, "Pray sincerely, meditate soulfully." Then he goes to the Supreme and says, "Please grant me Your Peace, Light and Bliss so that I can offer it to my spiritual children, who are praying and meditating so soulfully." The Master cries to the disciples to pray and meditate soulfully, and he cries to the Supreme to grant them Peace, Light and Bliss.