Question: Is it necessary for the Master and disciple to come together on occasion?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes, it is absolutely necessary. It is always advisable to visit the Master occasionally if you are not in the same city or same state. We have a physical mind, and the physical mind is satisfied only when it receives a very solid, positive experience. If we do not see the Master, then the world may tell us that our Master is like this or that, and our physical minds may start doubting our inner experiences. But if we see our Master personally, then our physical minds will have a better conception of him. This does not mean that the disciple will have more faith in his Master or make more progress if he stays with the Master twenty-four hours a day. Far from it! The disciple has to pay attention to developing an inner connection as well as an outer connection with his Master. But as long as the Master is on earth, it is good to remain in contact with him outwardly through seeing him, by telephone or by letter, so that on the physical plane the Master knows what is happening in the disciple's life, and the disciple knows that his Master knows. When the Master is no longer on the physical plane, then the disciple has to remain in contact with the Master through his most sincere and intense meditation.