Question: How do the Master and the disciple deal with a problem that seems to separate them rather than bring them together?

Sri Chinmoy: When a problem arises in a disciple, the disciple should immediately offer that problem to the Master. The Master will gratefully accept the problem as his very own. The relationship is like that of a child and his parents. If the child has some difficulty, he immediately tells his parents, who then take full responsibility. If the child has a headache or a sore throat, he tells his parents. They call the doctor, who gives him medicine. Similarly, when one of my disciples has a problem, he tells me inwardly or outwardly. Then I go to the doctor, the Supreme Doctor, to whom I have free access. From Him I bring down Peace, Light and Bliss and offer it to the disciple. Then the problem is illumined and solved. As an ordinary father is responsible for his child when the child is suffering, so also the spiritual father takes responsibility for the problems of his disciples when the disciples freely and sincerely offer them to him.