Question: Do you see any way one could assimilate the way of living you are speaking about into the American culture?

Sri Chinmoy: Certainly. I have about eight hundred disciples. They are assimilating my thoughts, my ideas, my experiences. They are following our path — the path of love, devotion and surrender — and while walking along this path, they are assimilating what I am offering to them. Our path is the path of acceptance. It is not the path of rejection or renunciation. We accept life as such, and then we try to transform the face of ignorance into the face of light. We do not neglect, we do not negate anything. We accept, but while accepting, we know the limitations of the thing that we are accepting. Again, these limitations we must not take as somebody else's limitations. We take them as our own limitations, as our own shortcomings. Then we pray and meditate. When we pray and meditate, the light descends and, with our inner light, we transform the ignorance that we see within and without.