Part IV — Questions and answers: Loyala University

FFB 166-171. Originally printed Loyala University, venue and date cannot yet be tracked.

Question: Do you believe in the cycle of rebirth?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes, I do believe in rebirth, in reincarnation. In the world of aspiration, we know that in one short span of life we cannot realise the Highest, the Absolute. But we also know that God will not allow us to remain unsatisfied. He will give us many opportunities to fulfil ourselves. Whatever we gain in one incarnation, whatever progress we make towards our Goal, will remain inside our soul after we leave the body. Then, after a short rest, our soul will come back with a new body, new vital, new mind to continue our journey and again try to realise and manifest divinity on earth. It is like a candle that goes from one room of the house to another.

Reincarnation is an undeniable fact even within a single life. In one life we see how we can leave the life of desire and be reborn into the life of aspiration. Then comes the life of realisation, then the life of revelation, and then the life of manifestation. So, even in one body we can go through many lives until we have achieved our highest Goal.