Question: What do your disciples meditate on?

Sri Chinmoy: My disciples meditate on a picture of me taken in my transcendental consciousness. This picture embodies my highest consciousness.

When I tell my disciples to meditate on my picture, what I actually mean is for them to go deep within and discover the Supreme, who is more active in me than in them. Again, I tell them that when they are concentrating on my picture, they are not concentrating on the physical, not on me as Sri Chinmoy, but on the Supreme in me. The Supreme in me is my Guru, your Guru, everybody's Guru. No human being can be a real Guru. We are all representatives of the Supreme. But the spiritual Master is more conscious of the real Guru, who is the Supreme, than the beginner-seekers.

My disciples feel that I have realised something and that 'something' for them is the highest. They feel that I have achieved something, that I am something. I tell them that I am only the elder brother in the family. In a family the elder brother is supposed to know a little more than the younger brothers. That is why his Father has asked him to bring the younger ones to Him. He shows the younger brothers where their Father is and he brings the younger brothers to the Father. Our Father is the Supreme. Once he shows his younger brothers the Father, then his role is over.

Again, I wish to say that one can concentrate and meditate on anything that inspires him. If a flower inspires someone, then let him concentrate on the flower. If a candle flame inspires him, then let him concentrate on it. If burning incense inspires him, let him then concentrate on it. But just because some individuals are my students, they love me most sincerely and devotedly. If you love me more than a flower, more than a candle, then meditate on me — but not on my personality or my individuality, no! The divinity in me is more than eager to be of service to the divinity in my disciples. So when I tell them to concentrate on my picture, it is not my ego-centred 'I' that is speaking. It is only my loving oneness with them that tells them, "If you love me, then here is the easiest process for you to approach the One who is all Love. Concentrate on the Supreme within me. And when you discover the Supreme within yourself, you can concentrate and meditate there also." My Supreme and my disciples' Supreme are one. Just because they love me, they meditate on me. I have hundreds of pictures. I don't tell them to meditate on pictures in which I am running or jumping or in my ordinary consciousness. I have no right to ask them to concentrate on these pictures. But there are a few significant pictures taken of me in a very high consciousness. And there is a special picture, my transcendental picture, on which my students concentrate. When they do this, I assure them that they are bound to feel Peace, Light, Bliss or whatever divine qualities they need. They have hundreds of experiences while meditating on my transcendental picture.