Question: What is the source of man's suffering?

Sri Chinmoy: If we go deep within, we see that it is the limited 'I', the ego, that suffers; the unlimited 'I' does not suffer. He who wants to bind reality suffers. But he who wants to free and liberate the reality within himself will not suffer.

Again, we have to know that what we call suffering is not at all suffering in God's Eye. It is an experience that He has in and through us. If we do not remain in God's Consciousness, then naturally if we get a headache we will suffer. But if we live in God's Consciousness, then no matter what kind of disease we have, even if it is a fatal disease, we get tremendous joy because we are one with God's Will. In surrender to His Will there is constant joy. But when we are separated from His Will, no matter what we have, the sense of separativity is suffering itself.

Suffering is not only the feeling that something is wrong or that we have lost something or experienced something unpleasant in our life. No! Real suffering lies in our conscious feeling of separation from God. A seeker's suffering is his feeling of separation from God, from Light. If a seeker has surrendered to God's Will and has established oneness with God, then he does not suffer. No matter what happens in his life, he feels that His Beloved is having an experience in and through him.