Question: If we have a job that involves a lot of thinking and activity, how can we maintain any sense of spirituality or light?

Sri Chinmoy: Undoubtedly, it is a difficult task. But early in the morning, before you enter into the hustle and bustle of life, before you go to your office, you are given ample opportunity by God to meditate on your heart. When you meditate early in the morning, you gain something from God: Peace, Light and Bliss. Then, when you go to your office after you have meditated early in the morning, inside your heart you have to feel that you are carrying some spiritual dollars. There you keep your spiritual wealth safe and protected. Then, while you are in the office, and are involved in your multifarious daily activities, you are carrying this inner wealth with you. When you need peace of mind or poise, immediately try to think of the wealth that you have inside you. It is as if you have kept a candle burning inside your heart. The moment you bring the candle out, the darkness of the outer world around you is illumined.

You always have the capacity to bring something forward which you have earned from your morning meditation. When you work you get a salary. In the inner life your work is your meditation. When you pray and meditate you get your salary, which is light. You put it inside your heart and then, when you need some peace or light or joy in your outer life, you can bring it out from deep within you to illumine you and save you in moments of crisis.