Part III — Questions and answers: Virginia Commonwealth University

Question: Which sound or chakra would be best for me to meditate upon?

Sri Chinmoy: For you, and all of us here, the best chakra to meditate upon is the heart. The heart chakra is called Anahata, which means "the soundless sound". Here on earth we need some physical action to produce a sound. But in the spiritual heart nothing is required, yet we continually hear a sound. And inside that sound a new creation is constantly being born.

If you meditate on the heart chakra, gradually you will come to feel that your own spiritual heart is larger than the largest. At that time you will see that the universal consciousness is inside your heart, and not outside. If you want to grow into something infinite, divine, eternal and immortal, then the heart chakra is by far the best. There you are always safe. The other chakras have boundless capacities, but if you are not totally pure then many, many problems may arise from meditating on them. But the heart chakra itself embodies purity. When you meditate on the heart, your entire being is flooded with purity. And only in purity can divinity abide permanently.