Question: I'm not sure I understand what you mean when you say the inner life is like a journey, which eventually takes you to the ever-transcending shore.

Sri Chinmoy: On the one hand I say “the boat”, “the journey” and “the shore”. On the other hand I use the term “ever-transcending”. When I say you reach the shore, I mean that today's goal can be achieved. But today's goal is just tomorrow's starting point. A child's goal is to have a dollar. When he gets a dollar he has reached his goal, but he is not satisfied. He wants to get two dollars or ten dollars. So that one dollar which was his original goal becomes the starting point for an ever-growing and expanding goal.

When we start practising spirituality, we feel that if we get an iota of Peace, Light and Bliss, that is enough. But in a few years, we cry for abundant Peace, Light and Bliss in our life. We have reached our goal, but that is only the starting point for a vaster goal because our inner hunger is not satisfied. Eventually we will care for infinite Peace, Light and Bliss, and when it is a matter of Infinity, there is no end.