67. Faithfulness

Faithfulness means, "I am unconditionally for God."

Faithfulness is man's divine soulfulness, which completely satisfies God.

Faithfulness is the inner fulness, which does not need any outer help.

Faithfulness is God-satisfaction in man and man-perfection in God.

Faithfulness is the sunlit path. It most amazingly expedites our Heavenward journey.

Because of faithfulness there can be no ultimate failure here on earth, there in Heaven. This is the discovery, the infallible discovery, made by faithful seekers and soulful God-lovers.

God does not fail anybody. This is the most outstanding discovery of a faithful truth-seeker.

Faithfulness is ruthlessly challenged by difficulty. Faithfulness is unreservedly supported by necessity.

Faithfulness always succeeds and proceeds.

Faithfulness shines in our heart's aspiration-cry. Faithfulness shines in our life's dedication-smile.

Today faithfulness is my victory's goal. Tomorrow faithfulness shall be my self-giving role in man's heart, which will grow into the very image of God.