68. Purity

A purity-heart is never empty.

A purity-heart does not worry. It does not hurry either. A purity-heart devotedly waits, soulfully watches and unmistakably acts.

Conviction's treasure-home: a purity-heart.

A purity-heart houses a very large amount of capacity. Therefore, it surmounts most of the difficulty-barriers in human life.

Purity is the life's achievement. Joy is the heart's commitment.

Purity's absence is the fast beginning of life's real bankruptcy.

Purity most rapidly increases in the seeker's inner obedience-life.

Rich in purity means rich in divinity. Rich in divinity means rich in perfection. Rich in perfection means rich in God-satisfaction.

A pure God-lover carries the crying earth up to Heaven in the morning and brings the smiling Heaven down to earth in the evening.