69. Time

Who has time? God. God has time to love me.

Who has time? I. I have time to perfect myself.

Time is the colleague of happiness and the fever of laziness.

The laziness in man usually hates the promptness of time. The divine in man sleeplessly loves the readiness, steadiness and promptness of time.

My failure-life is not the fault of my lack of time. My failure-life is the fault of my mind's lack of awareness, my heart's lack of wakefulness and my life's lack of soulfulness.

Every day time sings for me only one song — the same song — "pull and push." Time inspires me to pull Heaven down gently and push earth up powerfully.

While doing a little thing I smile at time. While doing a great thing I cry for time. While doing the right thing I love the unconditional arrival of time.

The heart of time embodies ceaseless industry. The eye of time reveals soundless eloquence.

Time touches the God-lover in me to inspire my slow body, my weak vital, my unconscious mind and my uncertain heart all at once.