70. Pride

Some people are overqualified. Therefore, God cannot appoint them.

Pride can befriend only those who are short in their inner heights and inner depths.

A man of pride is an "I" specialist. A man of humility is an "I" perfectionist.

Preference and indifference are the obverse and reverse of the pride-coin.

You are admiring yourself to such an extent that you have made it clear that you do not need even God's Admiration.

You are full of yourself. Poor God sincerely tells the whole world that His Heart is too small for you.

Your excessive love of yourself destroys you not only beyond your realisation but also far beyond your imagination.

Your body is proud of its simplicity. Your vital is proud of its vitality. Your mind is proud of its majesty. Your heart is proud of its humility. Your soul is proud of its luminosity. And finally, your God is proud of His unity in multiplicity.