71. Humility

A humility-man is a God-satisfying life.

God forgot my name because I was disproportionately proud. God gave me not only His Name but also His God-capacities because I was sincerely humble.

A humble seeker-soul accepts both God's Compassion-Height and Justice-Light equally, happily, soulfully and unconditionally.

Humility-foundation holds the realisation-palace.

Excessive humility is impressive unreality and compulsive insincerity.

When you pray to God for humility, God grants you humility plus His own Appreciation-Heart.

Pride left him hurriedly and helplessly the day he realised God.

Humility has been living permanently with him and in him since the day he came to know that what he has is a tiny ant-capacity.

Because of my sincere incapacity, humility and its closest friend, divinity, have become my intimate friends.