72. Generosity

My generosity is not self-aggrandisement. My generosity is my Lord's God-contentment.

My generosity is not an unavoidable responsibility. My generosity is an invaluable opportunity.

Generosity is the willing heart's capacity which conquers the unwilling mind's incapacity.

Generosity is at once man's loving promise to God and God's saving promise to man.

Generosity smilingly consumes selfishness-fire.

Only a generous heart does not rob or exploit the poverty-stricken humanity.

Some people trust God because they think that God can and will eventually grant them salvation. But they are not generous in trusting God with their wallets and pocketbooks, for they think that God may distribute the contents of their wallets and pocketbooks lavishly and unscrupulously!

Generosity is from the descending God, for the ascending man.

Generosity comes from the present God-Tree to the future God-Leaves.

A generous soul gives to mankind what he has and gets from God what He Himself is.

Generosity increases human capacity, strengthens divine Unity and satisfies the supreme Reality.