Question: If we feel elated or depressed and we don't know the reason for it, can there be an inner reason?

Sri Chinmoy: There is always a reason, but at times the mind has not grasped the reason. Sometimes outwardly there is no reason, but something has taken place on the inner plane and the mind is not able to see the reason on the mental plane.

Today, while one particular disciple was going home after the meditation at the United Nations, I saw something unusual in her. On other days I get a good, sound vibration from her, but today I saw that there was something wrong. When she went back to her office, she found out what had happened. Some people had come into her apartment. The forces that entered her house had entered into her being while she was in her office, even though she was unconscious of the fact. While she was walking I saw it. The forces had attacked her on the physical plane.