Question: How can we have a wonderful meditation one day and then the very next day a terrible one?

Sri Chinmoy: It is very simple. If you had a most delicious meal yesterday, that does not mean that you will be at all satisfied with your meal today. It depends upon the capacity of the cook. Let us take your wonderful meditation as a most delicious meal. In this case, the cook is your aspiration. If you aspire most soulfully, then the cook will be able to prepare you an equally delicious meal today. The taste may not necessarily be the same; it can be of the same high quality and, at the same time, it can taste different. Or, if you like, you can again ask for the same meal which you enjoyed yesterday. In the outer life if you do not pay the cook, then he will leave you. Similarly, in the inner life also you have to pay the cook, and the wage that you pay is your inner cry. Your inner cry for Truth and Light must be constant and your inner flame must be kept burning. Then you will always have a good meditation.