Question: Even though I have accepted the spiritual life, I still have doubts. Why is this, Guru?

Sri Chinmoy: Before the day dawns, darkness is our teacher. At that time there is no hope. Then, when the day dawns, when the sun comes into the picture, darkness is gone. But again, during the day the sun is very often covered with clouds. Many times we notice clouds obscuring the sky. Like that, in the spiritual life doubt comes and disappears. When it disappears, at that time the eternal sun shines most powerfully within us.

Actually, we have many inner suns. If we could see even one of our inner suns, then we would feel that the effulgent radiance of that sun is infinitely more powerful than the physical sun. How can we see the inner sun? It is through constant prayer and meditation. When we become advanced seekers, we will see quite a few inner suns. Then, when we become realised, at that time we will discover that we have many inner suns. Sri Ramakrishna's great disciple Vivekananda had eighteen inner suns. Again, the same Vivekananda used to doubt his Master and his own spiritual life. Even the existence of God he used to doubt. So doubt is not at all an uncommon experience.