Question: I have trouble with emotions and bad thoughts. They attack me and when I try to fight them off, they become stronger.

Sri Chinmoy: No, no, no! That is your wrong way of thinking. If someone is attacking you and if you feel that he is stronger, then if you try to fight him how can you win? Instead of fighting in a human way, you have to strengthen yourself. Right now you cannot prevent these forces from attacking, but you make your fort strong and formidable.

How will you do it? You will do it through constant aspiration. If you aspire constantly, then your inner being and your outer body will become very strong and powerful. At that time, when the hostile forces attack you, they will feel that they are knocking at the wrong door. But if you give up trying to make yourself stronger, or if you stand against them while you are still weak, then you are making a deplorable mistake. You have to strengthen yourself every day, every hour, every minute.

Again, if the enemy comes, you have to be strong. You are not going to attack anybody, but self-defence is always necessary. Otherwise, you will be allowing thieves, robbers and all kinds of murderers to enter into you. Why should you allow an undivine or hostile force to kill you? That is absurd. If it happens, then you are creating more ignorance. When you are defending yourself, it is wrong to feel that the person whom you are fighting is stronger. If that were the case, then nobody would conquer his enemy. You think, "Oh, if the enemy wants to kill me, let him kill me. I will remain silent." But that is a wrong idea. You won't do anything wrong and, at the same time, you will not allow others to do something wrong in your life. That should be your attitude.