One unhappy experience11

A thousand times one can be nice to someone. The Master can be nice to a disciple a thousand times or a million times. But if on one occasion the Master is upset, that very incident the disciple will remember. He will say to himself, “On that date, at that place, the Master was displeased with me; he was angry with me.” The Master also suffers when the disciple gives infinitely more value to that experience, although thousands and thousands of times the Master has been extremely compassionate and affectionate, extremely grateful, extremely proud.

The poet who wrote Tomari hok joy for the Mother was with the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Later I set his words to music. The Mother was very kind to that poet. She gave him the inspiration and the capacity to write such beautiful poems. The Mother was very, very kind to him, but on a certain day she expressed some displeasure. He said that he suffered for years because of that one-day experience. Then he said he counted how many times the Mother had given him the brighter than the brightest smile and all her affection. He wrote down all the times the Mother was nice to him. Finally, with the Mother’s smile and the Mother’s affection he was able to conquer that experience.

One unhappy experience of the Mother’s displeasure he had, and for years it lasted. After such a long time his recollection of the Mother’s pleasure, the Mother’s happiness and the Mother’s pride in him conquered that experience.

FSC 11. 5 December 1997, Nassau, Bahamas