I meditated in Sri Aurobindo's room12

One ashramite who is ninety-four and a half years old, Nirod, is begging me to give talks on Sri Aurobindo! He read the talk on Sri Aurobindo that I gave at Cambridge. He said, “You are so qualified to speak on Sri Aurobindo. You have to speak on Sri Aurobindo!”

In my talk at Cambridge, I mentioned that I used to meditate in Sri Aurobindo’s room. There I had personal experiences. There were two or three very important incidents in my life. Only four or five persons knew about them, and one of them is still alive. He is my friend.

During my last visit to the Ashram I was meditating only a metre away from Sri Aurobindo’s bed and his statue. I was standing. I could not bend because of my knee problem. With folded hands, very seriously, I went very high. One guard came up to me and opened up my palm. He put two flowers in my hands. This particular guard never saw me meditating in Sri Aurobindo’s room in my younger years, but the other guard had seen me many times. When the first guard came and gave me two flowers, the second guard came from the other side and put another flower in my hands. So I got three flowers, while I was meditating very seriously. They blessed me with flowers! This is their affection.

FSC 12. 5 December 1997, Nassau, Bahamas