The head of physical education3

At the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, the Mother’s dearest was Pranab, a boxer. He is always in touch with me now. He is the head of physical education. He has written me so many letters — sometimes once a week! Although he is not the General Secretary, he is now the main figure at the Ashram.

In 1947 or 1948, he was a great boxer. He was a Bengal boxing champion, but he gave up his boxing. He became director of physical education at the Ashram. The whole athletic programme of the Ashram we owe to him, because he is the one who inspired the Mother.

Sri Aurobindo was not interested in physical fitness, but the Mother saw that people were falling sick even at the age of twenty-five, so she requested Pranab to serve as a physical trainer. Hundreds and thousands of people he inspired.

FSC 3. 23 September 1997, Sri Chinmoy's home, Jamaica, New York