My driving instructors4

Once I thought my driving instructor was going to scold me. Instead, he was so kind, so nice. He should have become my examiner! He could have created problems, but he was very nice to me.

Seven times I practised driving Pulak’s car. Once while parking, I dashed against a pole. Another time I did not feel it, but everyone said I had not only touched the curb, I had gone a few inches over the curb. Two or three times I parked very, very well.

One teacher asked all the eight driving students what they would do with enough money to buy a nice car. I said, “I will buy a simple car.”

She asked me, “What will you do with the rest?”

I said, “I will give it to charity.”

Then she sneered at me and said, “First I will see if I faint!” During the examination, one question I did not understand. The examiner was two metres away and I said I could not understand. She said to me, “I do not speak to people.”

Out of twenty-five questions, I got twenty-three correct.

When I was driving to Father Tom’s place, which takes forty minutes on the highway, Pulak told me to make a right turn. I was all ready to turn. Then he said, “I meant a left turn.”

Once Pulak made a left turn into a one-way street when three cars were all ready to come out from that street! Luckily there was a red light. How much he gets his Guru’s protection!

FSC 4. 23 September 1997, Sri Chinmoy's home, Jamaica, New York