No hospital for her1

Savyasachi called me about Madhuri’s health. I said, “Madhuri? No, no hospital for her!”

I talked to Madhuri for a long time this morning, cutting so many jokes. At one point I asked, “Are you thinking of me, Madhuri?”

She said, “What else am I thinking of?”

I asked her, “What else are you thinking of?”

Then she said, “I am thinking of you all the time, but again, I am also thinking of my stomach.”

I said, “That is enough! As long as you think of me and your stomach, it is all right. Do not think of anything else.”

For people like Madhuri, I have to overrule the doctors’ decision.

  1. FSC 44. 1 February 2002, Orchid Garden Hotel, Brunei

Sri Chinmoy, The Feet of the Supreme's Compassion.First published by Agni Press in 2015.

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