No hope!46

Many, many years ago somebody’s brother had a big tumour. The doctor said, “He has two or three weeks. If we operate, there is no hope; and if we do not operate, there is no hope.” Either way, he said there was no hope!

I said to the sister, “No operation!” That gentleman is still alive. On very rare occasions I agree to an operation.

Disciple: The doctor who wanted to operate actually wanted to do it for his professional advancement. He wanted to experiment on the patient.

Sri Chinmoy: I said, “I will not allow it.” I did not allow them to experiment.

Disciple: Finally a Centre doctor intervened and said that he was going to take care of the patient. The other doctors were upset because they had lost their chance to experiment.

Sri Chinmoy: I said, “Medical experimentation I do not want.”

FSC 45. 1 February 2002, Orchid Garden Hotel, Brunei